Your guide to the best experiences in Dubai
Adal Tours is your trusted guide to the world of luxury and pleasure in Dubai. We provide high-quality services for renting cars, yachts, helicopters and private jets, as well as booking tickets to parks and hotels.
Our Team
Our founders are enthusiastic people with extensive experience in the travel industry, committed to providing customers with a unique holiday experience in Dubai.
  • Dauren Abdumalik
    Marketing Director and Founder
    Virtuoso in the field of marketing and promotion. His passion for innovation and understanding of customer needs allows him to create effective strategies to attract new customers and strengthen Adal Tours' position in the tourism market.
  • Nuriddin Sarbalin
    Executive Director and Founder
    Strategic leader responsible for organizing the company's work and ensuring its effective functioning. His experience in management and logistics allows us to provide Adal Tours clients with quality services at competitive prices, making every trip unique and affordable.
  • Ali Bakibulda
    Technical Director
    Responsible for website and graphic design, ensuring an innovative and seamless customer experience. His talent and technical skills ensure that our website runs smoothly and our visual content is engaging, making travel planning for our clients not only a convenient but also an enjoyable experience.
Our Services
Adal Tours is not just a company, it is an experience that will leave unforgettable memories of your stay in Dubai. Trust us and create your own travel story!
Exquisite cars for your comfortable movement around the city.
Unique excursions in Dubai and more!
Entrance to the best holiday destinations.
We organize transfers to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other Emirates, in comfortable cars with experienced drivers.
Flights for unforgettable air adventures.
Immerse yourself in a world of luxury on our luxury yachts as you explore the shores of Dubai.
Feel weightless in the air with our private jets, giving you freedom of choice and comfort during your flight.
Our partners
We are proud to partner with leading companies in the tourism and hospitality industry, providing our clients with access to exclusive offers and unique opportunities.
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